Project: Promoting Respect for the 'Other' in Lebanon and Tunisia

Project: Promoting Respect for the 'Other' in Lebanon and Tunisia

Implemented by: Arab Network for Tolerance

Funded by: National Endowment for Democracy

Project duration: September 2013 - August 2014 (12 months)

This project aims to build bridges of co-existence, tolerance, knowing the other, and to build leaders from the youth participants. It uses the methodology of raising awareness on the culture of tolerance and against fundamentalism in their respective countries and to encourage the youth to undertake activities in their countries towards this goal.

In the project groups of youth from Lebanon and Tunisia receive training. In Lebanon the focus is on refugees, and is Tunis on opposing fanaticism. These focus areas were selected in consultation with the member organizations in Lebanon and Tunisia. The project also includes cultural visits and activities that allow the participants to better know and interact with the other.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To encourage communication between Arab youth on the foundations of co-existence, tolerance, and dialogue for the sake of establishing democracy during the 'Arab Spring'
  • To confront stereotypes, social biases and intolerant ideas and strengthen acceptance of the other.
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