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The Arab Network for Tolerance is an independent, non-profit organization founded in September 2008 by Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies. It is comprised of a number of civil society organizations and activists in the field of human rights and democracy in the Arab countries.

The Arab Network for Tolerance is a regional organization managed by a board of trustees from various Arab countries. It is aimed at restoring the culture of tolerance, defending democratic values and attempts to incorporate these qualities into the community culture.

The Network’s intellectual and legal standpoint is based on the International Law of Human Rights, putting at its forefront the UNESCO Declaration on Principles of Tolerance issued in 1996, as well as the progressive humanitarian thought in the Arab and global heritage.


The Arab Network for Tolerance envisions societies of the region which respect diversity and peaceful co-existence based upon democratic values and human rights, fundamental freedoms and equality.


To enhance respect for diversity and peaceful co-existence, the Arab Network for Tolerance serves as a forum through which CSOs and motivated individuals collaboratively identify and implement new strategies to contribute to the shaping and empowerment of the societies in the region.

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