The Arab Network for Tolerance Signed an Agreement with the International Foundation for Training and Development in the Kingdom of Morocco

The Arab Network for Tolerance, represented by Dr. Iyad Barghouti director of the Arabic Tolerance Network and Dr. Muhammad Al-Nas, director of the International Foundation for Training in the Kingdom of Morocco, signed a framework agreement of cooperation in the city of Marrakesh on November 19, 2013.


The agreement is based on the integration of the objectives of both the Arab Network for Tolerance and the International Foundation for Training, in an effort to disseminate and promote civic values, through training, seminars, and meetings of intellectuals. In the framework agreement of joint cooperation both organizations have agreed to start working to organize meetings, and to hold joint trainings in the field of civic values and to promote a culture of tolerance in addition to working on the completion of joint programs in collaboration with national and international institutions.


The parties also agreed to issue joint statements dealing with the areas of education on the values of democracy and human rights, and to promote a culture of tolerance.


To ensure follow-up and proper functioning, it was agreed to hold coordination meetings on a regular basis, aiming to improve the areas of cooperation and development between the two institutions. It will also allow for the exchange of expertise in all fields and areas relevant to the field of work of each of the two institutions. 

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